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-Frequently Asked Questions-

Do you use antibiotics or hormones in cattle feed?

At Climax Farms we never use any hormones or antibiotics in our animal feeds.  To go one step further we also do not use any animal by products in our feed. We believe in all natural growth even though it may be a slower process to finish our cattle. We do not believe in sacrificing the health and well being of our animal. 


Are your cattle restricted to movement to encourage marbling?

NEVER! Our cattle have options; they can access their TMR ( total mixed ration ) to receive a perfectly balanced diet in every bite. They can also choose to graze freely through the pasture being a cow and getting full mouthfuls of grass with every step. The choice is theirs but they are never restricted from being a cow.

Can you visit the farm?

We definitely recommend you stop by and say hello. You can't beat upstate New York in the fall with the beautiful colors of the fall foliage. Sit down with a picnic or just take in the site of our cattle grazing through the fields and listening to our home grown pigs snorting while rooting through the dirt.  If you're lucky you may even see a calf born if you visit early spring for our calving season!

What is your return  policy if we are unsatisfied?

Climax Wagyu Farms does not accept returns, due to the perishable nature of our products. However, if the product you receive is damaged or defective, please reach out to us at immediately upon receipt of your order. We will look into the cause of the damage and/or the complaint that resulted in an unsatisfactory experience.

What if there is an issue with my order?

Please email the following information to as soon as you unpack your shipment.

  • Brief Description of the issue.

  • Photos of the damaged item.

  • Photo of item label.

  • Photos of all packaging inside and out.

This information provided is a huge help and will allow us to continually improve our service and allow us to remedy the situation in an efficient manner.


Why is it so expensive to ship a perishable product?

Climax Wagyu Farms works hard to minimize the cost of shipping. However, Shipping perishable products are expensive. We work with third-party shippers, such as UPS and FedEx to try and keep costs down. Shipping rates are dependent on the weight of the order, box size, shipping method, and the distance the package must travel. All orders ship from our farm in upstate NY. The package becomes the responsibility of the third-party shipper as soon as it leaves our facility.

We ship our products using ground shipping on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday through UPS and FedEx. Shipments requiring transit times longer than available days in the week will not be shipped until the following Monday or Tuesday (in the event of an observed Holiday). Please allow 24 hours for ordered to be processed most orders will be shipped on the following, regularly scheduled shipping date.

How is the product shipped to me?

Your order will ship frozen. It will be prepared in a heavy-duty corrugated box to help withstand damages during shipping. Inside your product is surrounded by an insulated pouch and nestled in between the proper amount of special food-grade ice packs based on transit times. Climax Wagyu Farms does not guarantee your product will arrive frozen. We do our best to ensure the product is packed properly for transit time. It is ok if the product arrives partially thawed and cool. We do our very best to make sure the product arrives in the best possible condition by using special frozen gel packs.

Why is there a size range when I order my steaks?

Due to the local processing and the variation in size of our Wagyu cattle at processing, there can be some variations in the size, shape, and color of Climax Wagyu Farms products. In addition to this, we do not use any additives to tenderize the meat or preservatives to keep our meat fresh. 

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