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Taste the Difference in our Pasture Raised American Wagyu Beef!

-   ABOUT US  -

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Climax Wagyu Farm is in the rural town of Climax, New York, nestled in the Hudson Valley. The farm is located on 800 acres of rolling countryside where the cows are free to roam on green pastures in the summer and escape into the trees to get out of our cold windy upstate New York winters. 

Climax Farm focuses on raising the best beef, using genetics from the Japanese Red cattle also known as Akaushi cattle and crossing them with the highest quality domestic breeds (Angus, Herford, etc.). Using the Wagyu Cattle we naturally take advantage of their exquisite marbling, and higher ratio of heart healthy fats and their delicious buttery flavor. 

At Climax Farm, we are not the typical cattle feeding operation. 

Do we feed in a feedlot? YES! 

Do we pasture feed? Also, YES! 

At Climax Wagyu Farms, we believe that the cattle still need to be cattle, while having access to a balanced diet 24 hours a day. The cattle are still able to graze as nature intended, head down taking a bite of fresh grass with each step during the grazing months. We do rotational grazing to make sure that there is always a lush green pasture to offer the cattle. The other benefit to having cattle roam free is their overall health. Cattle on pasture take longer to put large amounts of fat on their bodies. A little more time is needed to finish their growth compared to most beef operations. Marbling also does not always compare to that of a feedlot corn raised animal, but what we may be missing in marbling we more than make up for in flavor. We design our products around the cattle’s needs and not the cattle around a desired product. 

At Climax Wagyu Farms the animal’s well-being always comes first.  We pride ourselves on our cattle and the meat they produce. We consider our animals to be pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free. We strive to offer a naturally grown product that not only is healthier for you but tastes great as well. 

At Climax Wagyu Farm, you will not only taste the difference in our product, but you can see the difference in our cattle.

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